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The little red Hen! Un conte per treballar valors i llengua anglesa

Once upon a time, a cat and a dog and a mouse and a little red hen all lived together in a little house. The cat liked to sleep all day on the soft couch. The dog liked to nap all day on the sunny back porch. And the mouse liked to snooze all day in the warm chair by the fireside. So, the little red hen had to do all the housework: She cooked the meals and washed the dishes and made the beds. She swept the floor and washed the windows and mended the clothes. She raked the leaves and mowed the grass and hoed the garden. One day, when she was hoeing the garden she found some grains of wheat. - Who will plant this wheat? - cried the little red hen. - Not I - said the cat. - Not I - said the dog. - Not I - said the mouse. - Then I will - said the hen. And she did. Each morning, the little red hen watered the wheat and pulled the weeds. Soon the wheat pushed through the ground and began to grow up. When the wheat was ripe, the little red hen asked, - Who will cut this wheat? - Not I - said the cat. - Not…